Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Tribute

Nelson Mandela is an activist, politician, and former President of South Africa "It always seems impossible until it is done." If you study the piece closely, you will see the number 27 in broad strokes dropped in behind the quote. That is how many years he was imprisoned for standing his ground in the fight to abolish apartheid in South Africa. When they finally gave in and set him free, he was elected president starting a new era of unity for his country. Think of that next time you hear someone say that it is "impossible". Thanks, Alan

Handmade Signed Original

This 3D Metal Pop Art features layers of intricately cut steel mounted over a floating panel. The artist introduces visual depth to the piece by allowing each suspended layer to cast a shadow over the next. Each rendition is handmade, painted, and signed by the artist as an original work of art.  

Limited Edition of 100

This numbered edition is from an authentic limited series. Each piece is numbered to ensure its collectability and value. To ensure the integrity of the edition, the artist affirms that the series size will not be exceeded. Your purchase includes a numbered certificate of authenticity for use as providence.

  • Artist – Alan Derrick
  • Type – 3D Metal Pop Art
  • Colors – Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black
  • Material – Paint on Steel over Panel
  • Country of origin – USA
  • Size – 24”H x 18”W X 1.75”D
  • Installation – Ready to Hang

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View and Print larger image of artwork.


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